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CCIT heads to San Francisco to enhance SharePoint services

by | Jan 27, 2020 | CCIT

By Alasdair Gauld

Last week, I was lucky enough to jet off to San Francisco, along with Cloud Developers Ross Watson and Ben Gleaves. The main reason for the trip was to meet up with one of our partners, SP Marketplace, based out in Penn Valley, CA. In our work with SP Marketplace, Regional Director, Graeme Campbell handled much of the client work from initial calls through to project planning. As we make the exciting transition into becoming Global Partners with SP Marketplace, we will now be directly involved in every aspect of our clients’ projects. In preparation for our Global Partnership, our Cloud Developers flew out to Penn Valley for three days of intense training.

I also headed down to Silicon Valley to have an initial chat with Scottish Development International. I wanted to open up communication so that we can hopefully gain more business over there as their European partner for SharePoint solutions. I was also keen to find out what other technologies can we utilise through the Microsoft suite, and to see if there are any companies that can offer us solutions in the IoT sector that link into our products. As Cloud Cover IT continues to grow, we’re looking to refine our process and look for new opportunities, so I’m always keen to discover how some of the larger software companies operate.

(Left to right) Ross Watson, Ben Gleaves, Darrell Trimble, Alasdair Gauld, Donna Abreu, Brandon Johnson, Tom Frantz

It wasn’t all business though! I managed to get out to see the Golden Gate Bridge and take a drive through San Francisco city centre. We were staying in Daly City, which was really handy for Silicon Valley and also to head into the city. Overall it was a fantastic and worthwhile trip. I’ll be busy in the next few weeks to continue communication with Silicon Valley, and we hope to head back out there in the summer for further meetings.