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Moving Your Data to the Cloud is the Logical Step Up from a VPN

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Advice, New technology

Lance Gauld

VPNs are a necessary first step to enable remote working – but lack the unique benefits of fully cloud-based solutions, argues Lance Gauld

If you’ve recently installed a VPN to allow your team to begin working from home, that’s great – you’ve prevented your business from coming to a complete standstill. By allowing you to create a secure connection to your work network via the Internet, your VPN has you back at walking pace – but now it’s time to get running again.

Cloud vs VPN: why Cloud wins every time

Migrating your data to the Cloud is the kick-start you need to empower your team and take back pole position for your business. Personally, I recommend the industry-leading Microsoft stack, comprising Teams, SharePoint and Office 365 (amongst others) as the best way forward. I promise you: communicating via Teams, editing documents in Office 365 and sharing them across your organisation via SharePoint is unparalleled in its convenience and security.

Teams acts as a central hub, allowing all staff members and invited guests to chat, call, and meet via video conferencing at the touch of a button – anywhere, at any time.The Office365 suite is integrated seamlessly within Teams, allowing users to access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time. Whilst benefiting your workflow, this convenient solution also keeps your team connected – especially important given the current crisis.

If you’re worried you’re handing your precious work files over to a third-party, don’t be: you are the sole owner and controller of your data. Advanced security controls within Teams include data loss prevention, information barriers, and retention policies to ensure a rigorous level of privacy and security.

I wouldn’t offer you a solution I wouldn’t use myself…

Moving your data to the Cloud is a future-proof decision that will boost your productivity, secure your data and keep your employees smiling. The team and I here at Cloud Cover IT should know; the Microsoft stack has been the backbone of our operations for over five years now and is only becoming more crucial to us in these unprecedented times.

Our Head of Cloud Development Alasdair Gauld and his team will soon be leading a series of Platform Immersion Seminars to guide anyone interested in making the move to the Cloud through the process. These sessions will be open to the public and completely FREE of charge. If you’d like to learn more and get involved – or if you would prefer a private seminar for you and your team – please contact me directly or get in touch with our Helpdesk team at +44 (0) 141 280 2882 or

Don’t mess around; get your data on the Cloud – and make the change to get ahead of your competition.