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Power BI: Making insights accessible

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Digital Transformation

Aaron Watt, BI Solutions Developer at Cloud Cover IT

Over the last few months, Microsoft Teams has become the go-to platform for remote working to work effortlessly.  From a quick chat on the messenger function to easy file sharing and collaboration to the team video calls with the odd interruption. With all of us looking at Teams all-day, Microsoft has been hard at work integrating Power BI.

Fully integrated App

Microsoft has integrated the Power BI portal into the Teams platform. You can now access all your reports from the side bar without having to go anywhere else. Forgot those figures for this month’s sales in the meeting? You can quickly click the Power BI icon and have all the information at your fingertips.

Teams Group Integration

To improve your team’s workflow, you can add a Power BI report into a team’s group. It can empower the team as they have oversight to the reports and have a closer eye on their KPIs enabling them to work smarter and make informed decisions.

Microsoft has also added a chat window for Power BI. This helps encourage a data culture by getting everyone involved discussing the data that impacts them daily.

Dashboards can be fully integrated to Teams and updated regularly

Power BI Service Integration

There have also been changes to the Power BI service to bring Power BI and Teams closer together. While viewing a report in the Power BI Service you can now click ‘chat’ in teams to send the report to a team’s group. With this, you can spotlight a certain visual so everyone can see exactly what part of the report you are talking about. A great tool to focus the attention during meetings.

E-wallet Sales Analysis by Month has been highlighted in the chat to focus the team’s attention to this section of the report

The switch to remote working and digital collaboration makes Power BI’s integration to Teams even more important. Dashboards give staff more information on how the business and their team is performing, KPI’s and objectives can be easily set against current data and staff are more empowered to make the right decisions. It’s the improved efficiency.

We appreciate starting on Power BI can be daunting, but we’re here to help. If you want to know more about Power BI or get started, drop us an email or give us a phone on 0141 280 2882.   

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