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Are you having difficulty managing your temporary supply staff availability across multiple schools and locations?

Join Robbie, Product Owner at Flyte, where he will be demoing the key features of ShiftPlan – your cloud-based supply booking system for supply Teachers, Early Years Practitioners and Classroom Assistants.

The discussion will look at the supply staff booking process, management and efficiency benefits of the ShiftPlan system.

ShiftPlan is a cloud-based supply booking system that users can access from any web enabled device. Local Authority schools can easily place an offer of supply work as soon as they are aware of the need. And, their supply staff can access the system via web app to update details of their availability and both review and accept offers of supply work, all in a few simple clicks! ShiftPlan produces timesheets and payroll integration, which makes the process of paying your supply staff so much easier.

Robbie Butler

Robbie Butler

Product Owner at Flyte

What you'll learn

How to get started with ShiftPlan

Efficiently managing Supply Staff shift availability

Manage Supply Staff across multiple schools or locations