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Digital Transformation

Case Study


EPCA have significantly improved their data storage, security and accessibility. By developing a bespoke SharePoint mobile app, EPCA staff can now manage and collaborate on projects seamlessly. Power BI also allows EPCA to forecast the future and make well-informed decisions.

Business Challenges

  • Keeping Pace with Queries

  • Crisis Management

  • Ever-Changing IT Landscape

Solutions Provided

  • IT Support Service

  • Emerging Technology

EPCA are a firm of Chartered Building Surveyors founded ten years ago by William Bell and Matt White. Having started out as two surveyors with a couple of laptops, EPCA has grown to become a successful and established player in Scotland’s construction and property industries.

The company now has ten employees and operates throughout the UK. As surveyors, EPCA find much of their staff out
on the road and on-site.

Business Challenge

After experiencing substantial growth, EPCA found a challenge in ensuring client’s data was secure, properly backed up but also easily accessible especially when out of the office. Another issue facing EPCA was the storing and management of their data. The company required an efficient means of easily accessing their data as well as sharing and editing it. There was also a need to find a solution which would enable the analysis of this data in order to gain business insights. There was a need to improve collaboration amongst staff members in order to improve efficiency and productivity.

Our Solution

Cloud Cover IT assisted EPCA in their migration to the cloud with SharePoint file storage to aid in data storage, management and backup. Transitioning to the cloud transformed their data storage practises and simplified its storage and management. Cloud Cover also developed a mobile application to enable EPCA to easily access data and collaborate. The app enabled staff to open new projects on the move and upload survey images directly into SharePoint folders, all from their smartphones. Cloud Cover also implemented PowerBI business analytics to offer EPCA meaningful insights from their data.


Data is now easily accessible to all staff members across a number of devices due to SharePoint’s file storage, security and back-up system. This also allowed staff to host project websites for clients and external users from inside SharePoint. Furthermore, SharePoint enabled EPCA to streamline the capture of project data, standardise file formatting, and transformed the tracking of financial and resource information.

A bespoke mobile app allows staff hassle free access to our data, lets staff open new projects on the move, and upload survey photos directly into SharePoint project folders.

Microsoft PowerBI business analytics delivered insights for the company directors by transforming key data into stunning visuals. The system provides a real time overview of the status of project and financial data, enabling us to make accurate business forecasts and make fast, well informed decisions.


Over the last few years we’ve developed a great relationship with Cloud Cover IT. Their expertise in all things Microsoft, along with the quality and flexibility of the Office 365 and SharePoint platform, has transformed our IT. There are real improvements to the quality of our services and how quickly we can react to client demands. For a Scottish based SME we are now ahead of the game in many respects, even when compared to our large multi-national real estate competitors.

William Bell, Director, EPCA