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Digital Transformation

Case Study

Gael Force Group

Gael Force Group is a global supply partner of equipment, technology, and services for the farming and catching of healthy, nutritious seafood.

Business Challenges

  • Manual, paper-based process

  • Limited information security and audit visibility 

  • Significant admin processing required

  • Hindering staff productivity

Solutions Provided

  • Microsoft Power Apps

  • Microsoft Power Automate

  • SharePoint

Business Challenge

Gael Force Group previously leveraged a manual, Excel-based process for expenses which was laborious for both employees and the Finance team. The organisation was spending up to 14-days administrative resource per month to input and complete the expenses process.

Our Solution

After engaging in a discovery exercise to understand the specific requirements and process nuance, Cloud Cover IT developed a Microsoft Power Apps based solution which digitised the entire process and transformed both the workflow and finance administration time required. The new solution also delivered enhanced information security and financial audit capabilities.


  • Expenses now completed in real time, with a reduced need for employees to keep and store paper receipts

  • Leveraged existing Microsoft investment 

  • Improved information security and audit capabilities



It’s been a good journey. Cloud Cover clearly took the time to understand our requirements and have built a solution which reflects that.

Robert Foster, Group Financial Director, Gael Force Group