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Microsoft Inspire 2021: One man’s opinion

by | Jul 27, 2021 | New technology

By Owen Smith, Sales Manager

The last 18 months has further expanded the marketplace’s insatiable appetite for cloud-based solutions, and Microsoft did not disappoint at Inspire.  

Introducing Windows 365; hybrid Windows for a hybrid world

For me, the most exciting update from the event was the introduction of Windows 365 which is scheduled to officially launch in early-August. 

Being dubbed ‘desktop as a service (DaaS)’ – because what’s new technology without a new acronym – it looks set to be another huge enabler for the compounding snowball which is hybrid-working.  

So what actually is it?  

Simply put, it’s a virtualisation service which provides windows desktop, and first and third party applications to users with both PC and non-PC hardware. Even simpler, its streaming of a Windows 10 (or soon Windows 11) powered PC.  

This can support BYOD (bring your own device) policies, and due to its ‘zero-trust architecture’ organisations can do this with piece of mind that it’s been secured by design from the ground up. With Windows 365, people can work from anywhere, on any device, as long as you have an internet connection.  

Microsoft talked a lot about Windows 365, but never talked price. Very rarely does a corporate behemoth with a $2 trillion dollar market cap do this because you’re going to be wowed by the cost-efficiency later. However, with pricing due to be confirmed in the coming days we hold out hope that the price won’t deter organisations from utilising this potentially game-changing platform.  

Microsoft also announced further enhancements to Microsoft Viva and several key security service additions amongst other things. You can access a full round-up via the link below: 

In a time where the appetite for technological change has never been greater, Microsoft continue to lead the pack. As always, reach out for a chat about how the Cloud Cover IT team can help you leverage technology to achieve your goals.  

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