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Microsoft Teams: We’ve got your back

by | Feb 22, 2021 | CCIT

We’re not the only ones to have grown in the past year. Microsoft Teams has too. It’s largest growth period ever recorded was during April and May of 2020 where it added a whopping 31 million users.  

For us, the most exciting thing about Teams and the whole Microsoft 365 Eco-System is the fact that it feels like an organic being. It does not stay still. While at times it might feel overwhelming to try and keep ahead of the new features and applications that Microsoft rolls out, it’s great to know that Microsoft are listening to what we want through Microsoft Teams User voice site.  

Microsoft Teams User voice site is a place where users of the product can suggest and vote on features that they would like to see. Something few applications actively encourage. 

The end goal for Microsoft is that they want you to start your machine in the morning, open Teams and never need to leave it. All communication and collaboration is done in Teams with colleagues sharing documents or working simultaneously on documents. Data comes from other applications into Teams and other web-based applications sit within your Teams environment. All these things are possible within the Teams application and are becoming easier to integrate and apply.  

There so many elements to Microsoft Teams it can be hard to keep track but that is what we are here for! From a simple introduction to the platform to the art of the possible, there’s loads that can be done by combining existing features of Teams with customer developments with other areas of the Microsoft platform like Power Apps. 

Something is always happening at Microsoft. That is why keeping up to date with new features is important to us. Keeping on top of what is new and upcoming is something we see as a vital role for our clients. The more we know, the better we can advise on getting the most out of Teams.  

We got you

We’re excited to see the release of Microsoft’s Employee Experience Platform, Viva which is being rolled out.

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