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Power apps: Changing how we work

by | Mar 5, 2021 | CCIT

There’s no denying that Digital Transformation is changing businesses everywhere. With innovation at the heart of it all, Power Apps is the go-to solution for making a big impact quickly. Microsoft developed Power Apps to enable you to build apps without risk, without constraints, to add value and integrate to your business increasing  efficiency and empowering employees.  

Application development can seem like it can take forever to come to fruition but with Power Apps, this is not the case.  Power Apps accelerate the development through pre-built templated and drag-and-drop functionality to make it customisable for your needs. It’s as simple as that!  

Innovation for everyone 

 Power Apps has modernised workplaces by removing barriers that keep ideas in the boardroom. It enables users to take those ideas and turn them into applications. No matter what the skillset, employees can add value to the business quickly and securely by developing innovative applications to reduce inefficiencies and solve everyday business challenges.  

Accelerating your business growth  

Connect your applications to your data at the touch of a button. React quickly with real time insights and utilise your data. Data is integral to business growth and as companies do more with data, the more advanced they become.  

Bringing AI into your workplace

The Power Platform allows you to automate manual processes with AI-infused complements that enable you to leverage built-in intelligence and discover actionable insights. With over 50% of work activities, globally, having the potential to be automated using current technology, why would you not want to invite AI to the table?  

Ultimately, Power Apps is a platform for innovation. It’s about embracing technology to better business processes and empower staff to implement applications. It’s driving forward change and, it has never been easier.  

With low-code and high productivity at its heart, Power Apps can minimise cost and support rapid change. You can build without risk and clear the way for innovation.  

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