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Power Apps: Pomodoro

by | Mar 18, 2021 | CCIT

Be with you in a minute, just wait there…

23, 24, 25…

Okay, I was just setting a timer.  Now, I’m ready to start. 

Since the late 1980’s a growing number of people have been getting more done using a simple method that promotes short periods of uninterrupted, focused work with structured, timed breaks in between the work periods.  Developed by Francesco Cirillo, it is called the Pomodoro Method and is named after the tomato shaped kitchen timer that he used to time his own work sessions and breaks. 

The Pomodoro Method has both grown in popularity and has even spawned a number of variations on the theme of structured work and break periods, mostly because it is both simple and, it really works. 

Team members have used this method across the business for years and, when one of the Cloud Cover IT developers suggested making a native Microsoft Teams App to enable the Pomodoro Method through Teams, we couldn’t wait to getting the project up and running. 

For the uninitiated, The Pomodoro Method has six simple steps: 

  1. Select a task (trying to do two things is a sure way to achieve neither) 
  1. Set your timer to 25 minutes and start.  
  1. Work (Ideally uninterrupted and without distractions) 
  1. Stop when the timer runs out and set the timer for a 5 minute break 
  1. Repeat for a total of four work / break cycles 
  1. After four cycles, take a longer break of 30 – 60 minutes then repeat 

One of the big themes over the last year has been the dramatic change in work practices for many and the different distractions and priorities that people have to deal with when home working.  Another is the importance of a new focus on wellbeing and specifically, wellbeing at work. 

So, very soon, we will be offering a free download of our Native Teams app for anyone wanting to use the Pomodoro Method in their working.  It might well be the first Teams App that you have added to the platform so, if you would like to learn more about how we developed it and, see how to find and install apps into your Microsoft Teams, why not join us on our next Lunch and Learn on March 30th.  You can book a place on it here: Eventbrite

That’s my timer just gone off! Time to boil the kettle.