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“Working with the team at Flyte, we were able to call on the skills and experiences of their team to deliver this project. Our business and sector is complex; however, the team were able to pick up our processes very quickly and deliver a product that matched our intended scope.”  

David Anderson, IT Manager

Key Performance Indicators



Business Challenge

Scottish Sea Farms possessed a comprehensive dataset within their specialized SQL database, encompassing various operational aspects such as lorry details, packaging, deliveries, harvesting, and customer information. The organization aimed to leverage this data to develop a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard. The primary objective is to identify areas within the business that need enhancement and establish a systematic method to monitor and track improvements.

The Solution

  • We established a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for business tracking. We then systematically cleaned the data and developed a model that facilitates tracking each KPI across various levels of granularity concerning dates within Power BI.
  • We introduced essential filters for the report, enabling them to customize the display of each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) based on specific criteria. This includes the ability to filter information by location, date, and type of item, providing a comprehensive overview of their core business

For over 50 years Scottish Sea Farms have reared superior quality salmon in the most responsible, sustainable way for supply to major retailers, exclusive restaurateurs and kitchen tables alike.