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Technology & Projects

Case Study

Sharles Accountants

Cloud Cover were able to reduce costs and increase productivity by digitalising manual, paper-based processes securely and compliantly.

Business Challenges

  • Keeping Pace with Queries

  • Crisis Management

  • Ever-Changing IT Landscape

Solutions Provided

  • IT Support Service

  • Emerging Technology

Sharles specialise in financial performance and growth and work to build a strong relationship with clients. They have proven solutions for the challenges small and medium-sized businesses face during their lifecycle, from start-up through to growth and maturity.

Business Challenge

One challenge which needed to be addressed was to reduce transaction timeframes and associated costs. Sharles also required a more digitalised process with the aim of improving their service. Additionally, there was a need to reduce paper consumption and in order to comply with the organisation’s environmental initiatives.

Our Solution

Cloud Cover IT worked with Sharles to integrate Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint. Adobe Document Cloud added powerful PDF and e-signature tools to Office applications in order to improve collaboration and accelerate workflows. Adobe Cloud Solution are certified compliant with rigorous security standards, including SOC 2 – Type 2 and ISO 27001. This mitigated risk by ensuring that documents were securely signed, managed and stored in accordance with industry-specific compliance standards and regional regulations.

With Adobe sign, team members and clients were able to complete, e-sign and return documents legally and securely, with the device that’s most convenient for them. With mobile apps, employees are able to send documents to be e-signed and track progress in real time from a smartphone or tablet.


Cloud Cover IT’s solution removed printing and postage costs by eliminating the need for manual, paper-based processes. Digitalising processes also significantly reduced the time taken to get documents signed. This solution also increased productivity by increasing the number of documents which were signed each month. Automated workflow meant a decrease in the number of hours spent doing manual paper-based processes and all signing events were tracked and stored securely. These solutions resulted in better experiences for both employees and clients.


The solution provided by the developers at Cloud Cover IT has provided efficiency gains at every point of our process at Sharles CA: from distribution, to easy editing, storage, security and retrieval. It was impossible to foresee when documents would be returned signed. The document status and management capabilities enable us work smarter, be more responsive and deliver enhanced service. The results so far are showing us that the cost saving is projected to be the equivalent of employing a new member of staff.

Chris Wilson, Senior Partner, Sharles CA