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What innovation means to Cloud Cover IT

by | Jan 9, 2020 | CCIT

Here at CCIT, innovation is a fundamental pillar of what we do. Our digital solutions harness the very latest in IT technology, linking people and processes to create modern and connected workplaces.

We are committed to giving our clients a technological edge over their non-digital rivals, through the introduction of state-of-the-art products such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and bespoke apps. We are at the forefront of Scotland’s drive towards achieving Industry 4.0, helping Scottish businesses to get the most out of modern technology and remain competitive in a digital age.

In March 2019, we were awarded funding of £150k from Scottish Enterprise, split between an Innovation Grant and an RSA Grant (Regional Selective Assistance). In addition, UK Steel and Business Loans Scotland have contributed £85,000 each, which has allowed us to continue to foster innovation by adding 11 more employees to our team, in both software development and IT engineering roles.

Keeping up with the pace of technological change can be a real challenge for businesses. Here at CCIT, we believe a thorough education and understanding is crucial in unlocking the full value technology can bring to the workplace. To help you achieve this for your business, CCIT regularly hosts free-to-attend events, which showcase the digital tools that we can provide to clients. Attendees have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field and experience live demonstrations of the solutions in action. These events help organisations to utilise the full range of benefits that can be realised by embracing an innovative, digitalised workplace and integrating CCIT’s products and expertise into their operation.

CCIT Time and Attendance & Meeting Rooms

CCIT prides itself on introducing innovative services that help businesses towards automation. Business process automation enables organisations to expedite many routine tasks, eliminating the need for paper-based processes and transforming workplaces into interconnected environments. This ensures processes run smoothly, eliminates human error and allows companies to accomplish more whilst using fewer resources.

‘CCIT Time and Attendance’ allows firms to automate the tracking and registering of employee working hours and time spent on projects, reducing admin for managers, offering real-time attendance statistics and boosting productivity. The technology has a user-friendly interface that allows employees to log and monitor their own working hours. Moreover, it works on a centralised database that can operate across multiple locations simultaneously and automates important safety features such as tracking members of staff in the building in case of a fire.

Another valuable service CCIT offers is ‘Meeting Rooms’, which gives businesses the power to automate the scheduling, reservation and display of upcoming meetings and visitors. The app also enables the booking of refreshments and equipment, automatically notifying members of staff who are involved. With display available across devices and locations, this service enables the flexibility, ease of access, and connectivity required in the modern workplace.

To find out more about CCIT and the services we offer, please contact Holly Watson ( or call 0141 280 2882.