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How We Use Teams: Human Resources

by | Aug 24, 2020 | How we're using Teams

Here’s how we use Microsoft Teams for streamlined and efficient team management

Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool for us here at Cloud Cover IT – one that is integral to the day-to-day operation of all departments across our organisation. This fourth instalment of our How We Use Teams series focuses on how Teams is used by our Human Resources department to send company-wide communications, handle admin and manage our people more effectively.

“HR processes are made easy, effective and streamlined using Teams”

Human Resources (HR) operations require regular communication with staff across the organisation, so it is crucial that this communication is easy, effective, and streamlined. This is true at every stage of HR work, whether that is annual leave, recruitment, staff inductions, or communicating crucial information to staff members.

Holiday requests

In the past, dealing with requests for annual leave meant flurries of emails, which led to clogged-up inboxes and general inconvenience all-round. With the holiday planner system within Teams, the process is simple. Once a holiday request is submitted by an employee, an approval form is automatically sent to their line manager, so that requests can be accepted or rejected in a matter of minutes.

Internal communications

Teams makes it simple for our HR staff to share resources across the company and keep employees up to date with the latest information. This has been more important than ever over the lockdown period, when protocol and advice is constantly changing.


When we are recruiting new staff, Teams is invaluable means of collating and controlling the sharing of sharing information about candidates, and for discussions within the team. Specific channels for the recruitment process can be made, so that only the relevant people are included. Once a new employee has been recruited, the communicative capacity of Teams ensures a smooth induction into the company; they can access all the info they need, the people they need to connect with, and tools to carry out their work effectively, all in one place.

Meeting management

Another aspect of Teams utilised within HR is our Meeting Rooms Power App, which automates the scheduling, reservation and display of upcoming meetings and visitors. Developed by our very own Cloud Development team, the app also allows staff to book refreshments and equipment for meetings, as well as automatically notify any members of staff who are involved. With display available across devices and locations, this service promotes flexibility, ease of access, and connectivity for employees across the company.

Returning to work post-lockdown

As we transition back into office working following the Covid-19 lockdown, HV Connector is helping us to keep every member of our staff safe and well. Temperature scanning terminals scan the temperature of each employee at the entrance to our office. If an abnormally high temperature is recorded, access is denied and an instant alert is sent by HV Connector via Teams to the employee’s line manager. Contact can then be made via the terminal intercom to support and advise the team member on the appropriate course of action. In this way, we are minimising the risk of infection in our office and protecting our staff.

For more information or to set up Microsoft Teams tutorials for your organisation, contact Alasdair Gauld or call us on 0141 280 2882.