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How We Use Teams: Digital Transformation

by | Aug 13, 2020 | How we're using Teams

Here’s why Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for our Digital Transformation team

Microsoft Teams has been an integral part of our operations since its launch and has proved itself more useful than ever in this current period of remote working. In this third instalment of our How We Use Teams series, we speak to our Digital Transformation team about how the platform helps with their day-to-day activities.  

“Automating repetitive tasks allows us to allocate our time and expertise more effectively” 

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We’re more productive than ever thanks to Teams – as it brings all the powerful tools within the Microsoft stack together in one place. 

The integration of Microsoft Power Automate into Teams allows us to create workflows that automate repetitive, low value-adding tasks. It enables us to manage flows as well as automate alerts, notifications and more. Automating repetitive tasks in this way helps us to allocate our time more effectively. It also speeds up the approval process as when a task has been completed, an alert is automatically sent to Alasdair, our Head of Digital Transformation. Teams is also a major time-saver in notifying team members of new support tickets, as well as taking care of administrative responsibilities like holiday requests. 

Project Management 

We also use Teams for project management purposes. We use the Microsoft Planner app to create a project overview and a list of tasks to be completed. These tasks can then be assigned to specific members of the team in an all-in-one dashboard. This offers a simple and visual way to organise cloud projects and keeps us all on the same page, wherever we may be.  

When it comes to keeping track of our progress, we use a dedicated Product Development channel within Teams. Taking data from SharePoint, this helps us track the number of hours spent working on the project at hand. We can then use Power BI to create clear and compelling visualisations of this data in a way that is digestible and actionable. This enables us to mark project milestones, meet client expectations and stay on schedule for project completion. 

The Knowledge Share channel within Teams is a useful space for everyone to share and discover useful resources, allowing them to learn new things and upskill themselves with the help of their team members. 

For more information or to set up Microsoft Teams tutorials for your organisation, contact Alasdair Gauld or call us on 0141 280 2882.