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How We Use Teams: Sales and Marketing

by | Jul 9, 2020 | How we're using Teams

Here’s how Microsoft Teams is fundamental to our Sales and Marketing team 

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for communication, collaboration and teamwork for us here at Cloud Cover IT. In this instalment of our How We Use Teams series, we went around the (virtual) office to build a real-life snapshot of how our Sales and Marketing team uses Microsoft Teams on a daily basis.

“Teams has revolutionised our Sales and Marketing department” 


Microsoft Teams is a real asset for our Sales and Marketing team for communicating both within our team and with our external partners. Video conferencing and screen sharing is all very simple, requiring just a few clicks. Plus, improvements are being made all the time. Microsoft recently increased the number of participants who can be viewed simultaneously during a meeting on Teams from 4 to 9, with plans to increase this to a maximum of 49 in the near future. With these virtual face-to-face conversations now part of our ‘new normal’, this has been extremely helpful.

Touching base with everyone via email can lead to long, drawn-out threads that clog up our inboxes and become very tiresome, very quickly. Using Team’s Chat feature, I can send messages to one or more people with just a few clicks. This is particularly useful when working on content for social media, as well as suggesting edits for digital mailers, email campaigns and various other marketing projects.

The fact that Office 365 apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc) are integrated within Teams is a god-send. Documents can be worked on by multiple people simultaneously and are stored securely on the cloud. There’s no more chasing someone for a missing document or wondering where the most up-to-date version has gone, as Teams’ centralised and structured file management system keeps all our crucial resources in one place. Moreover, hosting our data on the cloud like this has eliminated any risk of losses due to physical server failures, as well as the need for us to use a slow, vulnerable VPN connection when working from home. In short, Teams has revolutionised the way we work.

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