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How We Use Teams: IT Helpdesk

by | Jun 8, 2020 | How we're using Teams

Here’s how Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for our IT Helpdesk and field engineers

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for communication, collaboration and teamwork for us here at Cloud Cover IT. And we’re not the only ones; since its launch in March 2017, usage of Teams has grown to over 75 million daily active users in April this year.

In this first instalment of our new series How We Use Teams, we went around the (virtual) office to build a real-life snapshot of how our IT Helpdesk uses Microsoft Teams on a daily basis. 

“Teams is the connective tissue for our Helpdesk and field engineers” 


Teams is the connective tissue for our Helpdesk and field engineers to communicate, solve problems and tackle projects together. 

When working remotely on-site, we use Teams to share data, images and information concerning the client’s requirements or the issue at hand. This helps greatly with problem-solving, meaning we can resolve any issues quickly, minimising downtime. Having Teams set up on any device allows for field engineers to have mobile access to all of the tools and company resources they require to get great work done. 

Cloud Cover IT’s bespoke Remote Worker app

Our custom-built Remote Worker app is invaluable for our field engineers. They begin their day by referring to the Job List which uses data from SharePoint to detail all their tasks. As they attend various locations throughout the day, they can check in and out via the app and tick off tasks as they are completed. Extra information, including job notes, images and location data, can also be added. This is visible by our Line Managers who can ensure all jobs are completed to a high standard. If the engineer fails to check in within a set time, an alert in the form of an actionable adaptive card is automatically sent via a Teams channel to the Line Manager. They can then contact the employee to check on their welfare and provide assistance or instructions if needed. This improves accountability and employee safety whilst also ensuring we always deliver on our promises to clients.

For more information or to set up Microsoft Teams tutorials for your organisation, contact Alasdair Gauld or call us on 0141 280 2882.