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Product: Introducing hav2vpn

by | Mar 8, 2021 | New technology

The challenges of remote working have not only applied to our people, but our systems have also moved on at a new pace.  Virtual Private Networks (or VPN) have become an essential component of life for millions of home workers. Our teams at Cloud Cover IT have responded to this challenge by developing a new way to deploy and manage a secure VPN across your entire team with minimal setup and no need for systems expertise. 

The goal of hav2vpn is to provide an easy to deploy and lightweight solution to enable effective remote working for SME and Non-Profit sector users. This directly addresses productivity issues by reducing bandwidth requirements to access business systems and applications. 

Supported by Innovate UK, we understand that working from home has represented a real challenge for SME and non-profits. Utilising the WireGuard protocol, hav2vpn provides an interface to effectively view and manage VPN access, ensuring your business has a robust and secure solution in place to support effective remote working with an innovative solution and security for business continuity.  

But what exactly is hav2vpn? 

Hav2vpn is an interface and administrator toolkit for VPN to improve business continuity and productivity to for SME and non-profit organisations.  

How does hav2vpn work? 

It connects to the WireGuard server via the web-based interface.   

How can it support my business needs?  

We’ve built hav2vpn with SME and non-profits in mind. We want to enhance the ability to work from home or anywhere and recognise this has presented a significant business challenge.  

The administrator toolkit enables you to: 

  • enhance business centric management capabilities 
  • enable visibility, reporting and access management of VPN  
  • support the integration of Active Directory users for authentication and configuration 
  • provide easy deployment to any office environment – home or central hub 

How do I set it up? 

Our solution is incredibly easy to install and deploy no matter how big or small your business is. 

Hav2VPN is supplied as a virtual disk image suitable for deployment on any Microsoft hypervisor, eliminating any hassle in getting the system set up or the need for expensive additional hardware.  

Once the virtual machine is up and running, all setup and configuration is performed through an intuitive web interface. 

Why should I use a VPN?  

A VPN is an added layer of security. It hides your personal information when you access the internet. It acts as an encryption tool, hiding data and your IP address to protect you and your business.  

We always recommend a secure VPN and multifactor authentication when working from home or in a remote environment.  

Interested in introducing hav2vpn to your IT toolkit? Why not speak to us today about how we can help your business: 

Contact our Sales Manager, Owen, on +44(0) 7964 291 970 or