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ShiftPlan: Manage your supply teacher workforce

by | May 19, 2021 | CCIT

ShiftPlan is simple. It’s a responsive resourcing portal to align skilled resources with capacity gaps in your establishment, on-demand. We’ve designed ShiftPlan alongside Riverside TMA as one secure, integrated, cloud-based solution making it easy to use and implement. 

But what does it do? 

ShiftPlan allows you to manage resources your way. It allows you to connect with staffing resources directly so you can pick who you hire, validate your timesheets and pay staff directly. 

With three dedicated portals – Administrator, User and Operator, these portals empower your local authority to engage in opportunities and fill temporary shortages. 

The Administrator portal controls access to the system, typically sites and users, and provides visibility of activity and reporting. 

The Operator portal enables a dedicated point of contact to enter details of their requirements and to view and select the right candidates for the job. 

The User portal has been designed to empower candidates to take control of their availability, engagement opportunity and timesheet recording. All in one place! 

Why should I use ShiftPlan? 

ShiftPlan is easy to use. We’ve listened to your aches and pains with previous systems so ShiftPlan has been designed to save time and avoid complicated systems and training. It’s a system that works for you. 

You can integrate with APIs. We understand you will have existing tools that work well for you, so why not create a seamless experience. ShiftPlan can be integrated to other software easily. 

It’s cost effective. Hire and manage staffing resources for a fixed monthly fee with no recruitment costs or limits to hiring numbers. There’s no hidden fees. 

It’s secure. All your data is protected as the software complies with the highest standards of security. 

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